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"Emergency power EPS industrial grade modular intelligent Qingdao Addison" detailed introduction

Time of issue: : 2021-07--29
System components: 1. Industrial-grade modular intelligent EPS. The real industrial-grade design, a full range of modular combinations, can form N+1 redundancy, intelligent autonomous decision-making, and autonomous fault handling. 2. Industrial-grade modular smart battery system The combination of electrochemical technology and power electronic technology. Real industrial design, the whole series of modular combinations can form N+1 redundancy; the battery voltage and internal resistance in the series battery pack are repaired to be completely consistent; the technical bottleneck caused by the inconsistency caused by the battery series is broken. The life span of the group reaches more than 10 years. 3. Optional dual STS switching to achieve switching time ≤ 0.4ms, to meet the harsh power supply quality requirements of the industrial market. 4. The power equipment life cycle management system collects all the key parameters of the key components affecting performance and reliability in the EPS and battery system into the database, updates and calculates at any time, and then compares with the life curve of the key components preset in the system Yes, real-time prediction of the life of key components, real-time prediction. Make the reliability of the equipment completely in your control! Product technical features: 1. The charger adopts SCR rectification design, the converter and inverter adopt IGBT inverter 2. 32-bit DSP full digital control technology 3. Parameters can be controlled and set through software programs 4. ABM fast charging design , Can be set through the panel 5. Multiple infinite parallel redundant systems 6. Overall efficiency 7. International standard communication protocol 8. Input current distortion less than 7%
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